Introducing “Pivot, Plan & Remain Poised” – a new series of special posts for our current and post-pandemic events world!

The Event Group’s team meetings look a little different these days!

Change is to be expected moving forward in all areas of life as we transition through and past this unprecedented time caused by COVID-19 – events will surely be no exception. The Event Group team has been using this time to establish new and virtual best practices, while also assisting current clients with re-imagining their future special events, meetings, conferences and trade shows, whether virtual, in-person, or a hybrid. Additionally, we have found comfort and additional knowledge in engaging with other industry leaders while we all pivot and plan to assist our clients in this unchartered territory!

In order to best help you, our Ladies in Black Blog will be sharing a series of upcoming posts based on our current experiences, future trends, and new and exciting methods to conduct meetings and events.

The series of new posts, collectively titled “Pivot, Plan & Remain Poised,” will explore what we know, what we predict, and how we will create stunning, meaningful events in the future. Each post will include insight on how to: 1. Pivot in the face of the pandemic; 2. Plan using the emerging information and resources, and 3. Remain poised in the face of constant change.

Follow along and watch for our regular posts, including:

· “Victory in the Virtual Space: Engaging Online Strategies for Event Success”

· “Best Practices for Acing Virtual Presentations”

· “Furniture and Décor to Keep Events Stylish and Safe”

· “Floor Plans of the Future”

· “The Scoop on Serving: Food, Beverage, and Service Transformations Post-Quarantine”

Stay tuned for the first post of the series, coming soon!

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