Trib Live September 2016

There was some disagreement as to whether or not the lucky winner would actually take off from the Big Brothers Big Sisters Fly Away Bash on Sept. 23 in a private jet destined for New York City. But the ladies present were all in agreement over one thing: no need to bring a suitcase.

“If I win I would just go to a boutique and buy something,” said Lauren Tesauro. “Besides, a suitcase doesn’t go with this outfit.”

With the plane waiting just outside the Voyager Jet Hanger at the Allegheny County Airport, the vast majority of guests couldn’t resist tossing around ideas as to how they could hitch a ride.

“It’d be awesome if J.J. (Richardson) pulled my name,” said Colt Templin of the organization’s board president. “Maybe I’ll buy him a few more drinks.”

Strategies in check, it was time to turn attentions to the dance floor and a serenade performance by Free Spirit. A vast majority played it safe on the perimeter with their fingers crossed.

After all, if the private jet didn’t work out, two stretch limos were waiting to whisk fortunate souls to the Omni Bedford Springs Resort for a weekend getaway or the Omni William Penn, Downtown, for a staycation.

On the list were CEO Jan Glick, co-chairs David and Cheryl Beauvais, Justin Matase and Elie Aoun, Derek and Rebecca Mousseau, Elissa and Matthew Tunno, Voyager Jet CEO Chuck Falce, Mark Broadhurst, James and Ilene Ross, Benjamin and Joanne Simon, Big Brothers co-founder Kenny Ross, John and Donna Barsotti, Joe Gregorini and John Michalenko.

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