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Whirl Wedding Guide Fall 2013


SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

Plan your wedding to perfection with these professional tips and trends!

by Nicole Barley

Turn, Turn, Turn!

Sheila Weiner, president of The Event Group, shares a favorite project, inspiring us with ambitious, beautiful planning. “A quick turn of a room is something planners do frequently, but the transition never ceases to be anything short of spectacular! We had the pleasure of transforming the New Hazlett Theater from a raw theater into a very warm and intimate ceremony space and then, during cocktails, turning it one more time into a regal, wintery atmosphere fit for a party. The amazing floral centerpiece by Allison McGeary Florist was a focal point in both settings. For the ceremony, it was positioned low and joined by a canopy of twinkle lights. For the reception, it was raised higher over the dance floor, as not to hide the cake that appeared on the second-level scaffolding, individual chandeliers were lowered over the dinner tables, and the twinkle lights were exchanged for snowflake gobos that lit the brick walls.”

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